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Are you new to stock market investing and don’t know where to turn? Are you tired of watching your portfolio flatline year after year? Or worse, succumb to a market correction that cuts it in half? Have you pulled the trigger on one too many stocks touted by TV gurus and talking heads, only to have it nearly blow up your account? Ready to start beating The S&P 500 index? And beating it by a country mile?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, you're ready for The 12% Solution. Former day trader David Alan Carter will show you how, with 20 minutes a month and a computer, you can turn any investment amount into a steadily growing compounding machine that will make you the envy of Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and 99% of all mutual fund managers.

Whether or not you plan to employ The 12% Solution, if you're anything like the author, you'll likely keep a few coveted stocks or ETFs in your portfolio because you believe in them. Well, how about we keep those investments away from the ravages of bear markets and bursting bubbles?


We can do just that with a little help from the Stock Market Cash Trigger, Carter's 2nd book (available now on Amazon).

The 12% Solution

ISBN: 978-1974681365

Former day trader David Alan Carter leads the reader step-by-step through a simple ETF trading strategy that...

  • Automates Decision Making

  • Reduces Risk and Volatility in a Portfolio

  • Produces a 12% Average Annual Return


Backed up with real numbers showing it clearly beating the S&P 500 over a 10-year span, The 12% Solution employs just a few select index fund ETFs in a systematic approach that requires 2-4 trades a month.

(paid link)

Stock Market Cash Trigger

ISBN: 978-0998021027

In a radical departure from old-school advice of buy-and-hold, a former day trader demonstrates a DIY market timing model that gets you out of dangerous securities before they can drag down your life savings due to...

  • Stock Market Crashes

  • Bursting Bubbles

  • Bear Markets


Is a market crash coming? We all know the answer to that. Just a matter of when. Get ahead of the inevitable and start protecting your investments today.

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