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THE 12% SOLUTION, eBook - studio02.jpg

A simple ETF rotation strategy.

Former day trader David Alan Carter leads readers through a simple ETF trading strategy that automates decision making, reduces risk and volatility, and produces a 12% average annual return. No pie-in-the-sky and not just a bunch of theory, but rather a systematic plan that is backed up with real numbers showing it clearly beating the S&P 500 over time.


Inside, you’ll discover…

  • The simple technique for identifying which of the strategy's six ETFs to buy, and which to sell. And most importantly, when.

  • How to protect your portfolio during market downturns with a simple cash trigger.

  • How $5,000 can end up $1,000,000 in your retirement portfolio.

"I've read a lot of investing books in the past and most of them are too long and contain little or no substance of value. The 12% Solution is concise, to the point and worth owning if you want to make money trading ETFs without a lot of hassle."

    DEBORAH M., Investor

    Amazon Reviews

"I wish I knew about this 20 years ago. Very clear, with just enough details to educate, but simple enough to follow immediately. I'm going to start this strategy tomorrow."

    ANTHONY Z., Investor

    Amazon Reviews

"A precise blueprint for investing success."

    Midwest Book Review

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