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With a management background and 20 years of investing experience ranging from mutual funds to options, futures, and high-frequency day trading, David Alan Carter has distilled critical lessons learned into simple, verifiable and repeatable trading strategies that can benefit anyone interested in making money -- and keeping money -- in the stock market.

A Note From The Author

“Like many of you, I’ve known tough times in the stock market. I had spent 20 years trying to beat the street, beginning with mutual fund combinations and progressing to options, futures, and day trading high momentum stocks. It was only after I began thinking out of the box that I started to make money consistently – bull markets or bears.


My first book, The 12% Solution, is the result; a simple, elegant plan that will let you weather any market storm and stay on track to a 12% average annual return on your investment. That might not be get-rich-quick, but it’s enough to beat the street, add a bit of financial security to one's life, and make retirement a million dollars easier.”


--David Alan Carter

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